May 26, 2018 - Herding by the castle

I got an interesting offer to show some herding skills at Hukvaldy castle. As this is an offer you cannot refuse, we headed to Hukvaldy. I was accompanied by Zepp and Polar only. Vixie is in heat so her presence was for understandable reasons not desirable. Together with us there were Monča with Bambula and Chase, and Radek and his family with Kery. I believe it was a well-done event, certainly not the last one of ours :)

Photos: Radek Polášek

May 14, 2018 - Zepp

Here comes another jubilee. Zepp is celebrating his 5th b-day. All the best buddy! 

may 13, 2018 - bäxx a max

Another big congrats go to Germany as well. Max and BÄXX won German tryouts for AWC 2018 and are nominated! I am very proud of them and will keep my fingers crossed. 


may 12 and 13, 2018 -  Agility National Championship of Border Collies

Another agility event we visited and that I am very happy to have been to. ANC was happening on a beautiful place we will surely visit at some point again. Tošovice simply amazed me. We met some of Zepp's puppies again - after Tessa as well as Anize. Zepp even met his first grand child :) Fab event and splendid results. Zepp's son Skippy together with his owner Verča became vicemasters in A1. Big congrats.

may 6, 2018 - Polar is celebrating :)

It is exactly three years ago that our youngest pack member was born. So, dear Polar, happy birthday, and I am wishing all the best to you and your sibings. 

may 2, 2018 - agility visit

I took the dogs and went to Opava to watch some of Zepp's progeny compete at agility. As usually they were doing great and I was very happy to see them again. 

April 23m 2018 - Visiting puppies

On Sunday we headed to Poland. The trip destinantion was clear - to see Zepp's and Zaraza's puppies. The journey was about 900km drive long, but it was worth it. Puppies are fabulous but we could have seen that coming :) 

April 16, 2018 - Český krumlov

We went to visit Český Krumlov this weekend. The initial problems with accommodation were solved and we managed to find great housing not only for us but for all my dogs too :). It was a really lovely weekend and I once again ensured myself that Český Krumlov truly is the most beautiful place in the Czech Republic. At least for me. On our way back Vixie met her breeder after some time, too.

April 3,  2018 - Extended weekend

On Thursday we set off to Jeseniky, to enjoy an extended weekend due to public holidays in the Czech Republic. On Friday we took the first trip and walked around 15 km. The following day we had another great trip of approx the same length planned. On Sunday we left to catch up with some herding in Olomouc. But the icing on the cake was Monday. The whole group, all in all 10 people and 16 dogs we went to Kelčský Javorník. And it was THE adventure as we walked up hill and down dale :)

Photo: Radim Odložilík

March 29, 2018 - Happy Easter :)

March 12, 2018 - weekend herding training


March 6, 2018 - Puppies

Today seven gorgeous puppies after Zepp and Zaraza were born. All of them are healthy. 


February 27, 2018 - Visit from Finland

This weekend we had honorable guests. Marja and Hanna came to see us. Both girls have a dog from dog kennel Toberoi. Marja is Tempo's owner, Zepp's brother. Marja came to see Applause, a collie girl Zepp is going to sire at some point in March, as she would very much like to have a Zepp's progeny. We went to herding on Saturday and on Sunday we met Zepp's children on Šterkovna and later on in Pustevny. On Monday we headed to Prague, however without dogs this time. The weekend was restless, temperature severely low, but all in all - very nice. 

Photo: Jirka Wasserbauer



February 19, 2018 - Zepp's beautiful daughter in Poland

February 18, 2018 - Mountains, Mountains, ... and mountains  :)

February 17, 2018 - Pustevny, Beskydy Mountains


February 10, 2018 - Pustevny, Beskydy Mountains


February 3, 2018 - Ondřejník, Beskydy Mountains

January 26, 2018 -  PREGNANCY CONFIRMED

there will be puppies :)

January 15, 2018 - Zepp a Applause

 Zepp's  future Bride :)




January 14, 2018 - first herding training in 2018



january 7, 2018 - puppies

Today, 7 small "balls" were born after Zepp and Whippy. Everyone is healthy and full of life. In total, 7 puppies, 4 boys and 3 girls were born. All black and white but one boy and one girl with tan.

girl 1


girl 2


 girl 3


 boy 1


boy 2


 boy 3


 boy 4


january 2, 2018 - beginning of the year

The end of the year 2017 and the beginning of the year 2018 we spent in the mountains. We had a great time, although the weather was not the best. Almost every day it rained or there was at least mud, but nevertheless we went for walks every day. Also some of our dog and human friends have had visited us. The longest walk was over 20 km and it took place on a single day when it was quite nice weather :).


Zep mated Zaraza. After one month we will have information if there will be puppies.

january 1, 2018 - birthday and new year

Zepp's puppies have celebrated second year since their birth. We wish them all the best :) And on that occasion also all the best in the next year.

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